Kairos || 15

by   B A R B A R A   W O L F R A M   &   .E V O L V E

Kairos (Καιρό) – a gap in time, a moment where anything is possible, this moment consisting, interwoven, reflecting on moments of the past, accumulated and hidden in our inner self. A present that is always carrying the past within. A moment that opens up to the future, to any possible outcome. Interwoven layers of moments, travelling more and more into the heart of what carries the present moment and finally us as human beings.

Premiere: January 2015 off-Theater Vienna

Concept|Text|Directed by Barbara Wolfram || Production Management | Nikola Adams || Artistic Assistant | Max Smirzitz || Assistant Director | Laura Alexandrino || Production Assistant | Anna Gettel || Light | Rafael Gütl

Kairos was set on four stages in the same room, telling four interwoven stories in a parallel fashion, allowing the audience only to see one part of the show every night, mirroring the multi-perspectiveness of real life. 

60 Min | Language: English, German

In cooperation with Erasmus Student Network (ESN), Stadt Wien