Declarations || 18

by  J O R D A N   T A N N A H I L L

DECLARATIONS by the Canadian Author Jordan Tannahill is an archive, a biography, a memory of the relation between a child and his or her mother who is dying from cancer. A theatrical dance and performance piece, exploring a whole new language of stage performance with interwaving the author’s experience into the performers experience and their bodies, but also to the audience’s experience who will see a different play every night as the body gestures, a score of movements spontaneoulsy re-developed every night, will change from present moment to present moment, from night to night.

DECLARATIONS is a work-in-progress studio work at Volkstheater Wien.

Volkstheater Wien – Rote Bar | Premiere March 18

Performance | Maria MaragkouRobin JentysNegin RezaieAlina SchallerMaren-Sophia Streich

Director | Stage | Costumes | Light  |  Barbara Wolfram

60 Min | Language: English, body gestures