.EVOL|ve || 14

by   B A R B A R A   W O L F R A M   &   .E V O L V E

.EVOL|ve, the first play of the .EVOLve Theatre Company, and name giver for the company, is a contemplation on the absurdity of love, of the evolving power of loving and being loved, an exploring journey to the in-betweens and abysses of the sublime state that we call love.

Premiere: June 2014 Theaterbrett Vienna

Concept|Directed by Barbara Wolfram || Text | Barbara Wolfram Max Smirzitz + .EVOL|ve Company || Production Management | Nikola Adams || Assistant Director | Lukas Rossmann || Light | Benedikt Kittinger

60 Min | Language: English, German, French, Finish, Bulgarian, Italian, Greek, Turkish

In cooperation with Erasmus Student Network (ESN), Stadt Wien